We Are Officially A
Safety Reimagined Partner!

Safety Reimagined Partner

Enhancing the Value of Technologies through Integration

BAYCOM is proud to announce we’ve just earned the Safety Reimagined certification badge from Motorola, which means we’re now positioned to help our customers take full advantage of this new and innovative technology platform.

Safety Reimagined unifies voice, data, video and analytics into one ecosystem, and is based on the premise that the technologies that make us safer can also make us more connected, more efficient, more focused and more productive. For example, you may already appreciate the value of having reliable two-way radio communications at your fingertips, or the insights you can glean from surveillance system video. But by connecting these tools to each other, and to other proven solutions, you can achieve even greater value.


Enhance Safety:
Working together, these tools help you mobilize resources in a moment’s notice. Information flows freely from cameras to radios and from smart devices to command centers, giving you eyes and ears where you’ve never had them before. This capability helps you automatically recognize hazardous situations, track people of interest, send alerts and even open or close access points automatically—saving time and, potentially, lives.

Communicate Efficiently:
The platform lets you connect your teams in real time to all incident, dispatch and analytics information, with the devices you use.


Minimize Downtime:
Because these integrated solutions help to streamline workflow and put people where they’re needed most, any stoppage of work or production caused by an incident can be minimized.


Document Confidently:
Incident management software pulls data from within the various technologies to create an incident case that includes video, notes and other documentation that may be used in a liability situation.


Be Proactive:
Embedded analytics allows you to get ahead of events before they unfold and identify trends or areas of concern that can be analyzed, addressed or used to inform the planning process.



Step by Step: Here’s How Safety Reimagined Helps You Achieve More

By integrating voice, data, video and analytics technologies into a single platform, Safety Reimagined gives you an unrivaled opportunity to detect, analyze, communicate and respond to situations as they arise—confidently and quickly.

Detect: Know what is happening with better insights to protect people, property and assets.
By integrating video security, body cameras, watch-list creation, alerts and access control, you can monitor large areas in one view, investigate door alarms, detect perimeter breaches, and recognize and fill security gaps.

Analyze: Recognize important events and make informed decisions to take action.
With technologies that detect unusual motion and give you the ability to search for known appearances or identities, you can automatically track people of interest, identify missing persons, highlight unusual behavior or recognize slips and falls.

Communicate: Connect instantly across devices and networks to keep teams connected and informed.
With the free flow of information across radio communications, broadband push-to-talk, dispatch software and other devices, it’s easy to collaborate across workgroups, share multimedia and alert multiple teams simultaneously.

Respond: Mobilize and coordinate an immediate response internally and with public safety.
The Safety Reimagined platform aggregates data coming in from all interconnected sources and then allows you to share that data directly with first responders, creating a greater level of situational intelligence and a more informed incident response.


The BAYCOM Advantage

BAYCOM is one of a few, select organizations across the country that has, to date, been authorized by Motorola to offer and provide service for the Safety Reimagined platform. To qualify, we demonstrated success in deploying audio, video and access control solutions, and our sales and technical teams received extensive training on each of the platform products. Having met those criteria, we were awarded the Safety Reimagined certification badge and are now positioned to help our customers take full advantage of this offering.

Contact us today to learn more about how these integrated technologies can not only help you enhance safety, but can also help you become more connected, efficient, focused and productive.