Lifeline Technology Center & Systems Acceptance Lab


BAYCOM’s Lifeline Technology Center and Systems Acceptance Lab were designed for customers like you to see, interact and experience state-of-the-art technologies before investing in them. From its centrally located Madison-area location, we work with you side-by-side to demonstrate how today’s technologies combine to make your operations safer and more efficient—today, tomorrow and into the future.



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Seeing is Believing

You may already appreciate the value of having reliable two-way radio communications or the insights you can glean from surveillance system video. Solutions like these are powerful tools in their own right, but when combined they deliver unrivaled opportunities to detect, analyze, communicate and respond to situations as they arise. Our operational acceptance testing establishment, Lifeline Technology Center (LTC), is designed to showcase the value of integrated voice, video and data ecosystems. During your visit, tell us about your most challenging safety and security concerns. We'll tailor a live-action scenario to demonstrate how these technologies work together to give you powerful, proactive capabilities when every moment matters.

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Deploy with Confidence

If you've ever deployed an enterprise-wide system, you know it's critical to get the bugs worked out before the system is rolled out. Within our new Systems Acceptance Lab, you are encouraged to test drive systems that have been configured to meet your needs, allowing you to give feedback and make changes long before the technologies are deployed in the field. In creating this central user acceptance testing location for all BAYCOM system configuration, we also ensure a consistent process for staging and testing, and a comfortable environment for customers like you to observe your system's pre-deployment performance.

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Gain Peace of Mind

Once your system is deployed, we continue to support you through our service agreement program. SystemGuard is customized to meet your needs and can include repair, preventive maintenance, tuning, and testing of equipment for optimal performance or providing software and firmware updates. With this security system testing program, you also get priority status, minimizing the potential for operational disruption if an issue arises. Between this program and the rest of our UAT testing tools, we’re positive that you will be more than satisfied with all the products we sell here at BAYCOM.

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It Will Work.

  • Every aspect of every dealing I have had with anyone from BAYCOM has been outstanding. The service end of things has been some of the best customer service I have ever been associated with. They do an incredible job and have answered my call every time I have had a question or issue. They are some of the most knowledgeable people I have ever met, and are a huge asset to BAYCOM. BAYCOM should be proud to say they have this team working for them, as they represent the company very well. Jon Spice, Emergency Management Oconto County
  • Never, once have we decided to look at another vendor, because anytime we call, BAYCOM is always available. They have the solution, and they take care of their customer. Mark Podoll, Green Lake County Sheriff
  • Safety and security are at the forefront of today's school environment. Knowing that quick and concise communication is needed throughout the day, we have relied on the services of the BAYCOM staff to help maintain our current two-way radio communications, as well as take us to the next level with increased performance and reliability. Dan Dahlquist, School District of Onalaska
  • I think it’s very important that BAYCOM provides multiple services. It makes things much easier for us. One call takes care of everything. They're kind of a one stop shop. Jim Stilson, Columbia County Sheriff