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Motorola Solutions and Vertex Standard

NE Wisconsin

Main office: (920) 468-5426 | Send a Message

Randy Krull: (920) 544-4266 | Send a Message

Al Koivisto: (920) 544-4203Send a Message
(NE WI Public Safety)


Central Wisconsin and Fox Valley

Aaron Mulkey: (920) 544-4202 | Send a Message


SE Wisconsin and Metro Milwaukee

Main office: (414) 546-2011 | Send a Message

Kate Premo: (414) 546-7628 | Send a Message 
(Waukesha, Washington, Dodge and Rock Counties)

Kate Premo: (414) 546-7628 | Send a Message 
(Kenosha, Racine and Walworth Counties)

Sean Stockman: (414) 546-7626 | Send a Message 
(Milwaukee, Ozaukee Counties)

Dave Feiler: (920) 544-4287 | Send a Message 
(SE WI Public Safety)


Madison and Dane County

Main office: (800) 726-5426 | Send a Message



Panasonic, Mobile Computing and Video 


Tim Cooney: (920) 544-4282 | Send a Message

Video Surveillance & Integrated Security


Jason Pedersen: (920) 544-4240 | Send a Message

Wireless Point-to-Point and WIFI


Jason Pedersen: (920) 544-4240 | Send a Message

3M Automatic License Plate Recognition  


Kate Premo: (414) 546-7628 | Send a Message 

Next Generation 9-1-1 


Kate Premo: (414) 546-7628 | Send a Message 

FCC Licensing

United States

John Kummers: (920) 544-4248 | Send a Message 

Contact Us by Office

BAYCOM Corporate

(800) 726-5426

Metro Milwaukee

(414) 546-2011

Fox Crossing

(920) 722-5393



(800) 424-1020


(608) 241-7700

La Crosse

(800) 909-1020