SystemGuard Radio Management

On-Demand, Remote Programming Saves Time & Money

Managing your radio fleet is an important part of day-to-day operations. But it can also be expensive and time consuming. Updates to add or remove channels, upgrade firmware or add purchased features take substantial time and resources because each radio has to be programmed individually, by hand.

SystemGuard Radio Management (RM) from BAYCOM streamlines that process. With RM, radios are programmed remotely—through Wi-Fi, USB cable or an existing radio network—saving time and money, and ensuring radio users can accomplish their mission without interruption.


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With SystemGuard Radio Management, devices do not need to be taken out of service to be programmed. Updates run whenever it’s convenient, whether that’s during shift changes, in the middle of the night or, in some cases, even while your crews are on the job. The result? Less time waiting on radios. More time for the moments that matter.


Because radios are programmed remotely, an entire fleet can be updated without the involvement of your IT department and without a technician ever having to touch a single radio. Instead, when a radio is plugged into a remote programming station, the server is contacted to see if there are any updates for that device. If there are, the radio is updated automatically. Simple codeplug changes can even be deployed completely over the air.


All device information is stored on a central server so you can keep an accurate record, over time, of what’s on each radio. This helps to ensure everyone is working from the same page, has the most up-to-date configurations, and that you’re taking advantage of all available updates. Within the central database, you can also organize your radios into groups by location or function and keep track of who is assigned to each device.

Save Time & Money.

"Within the first two weeks of bringing the radios online, we had to make about six critical changes. Each change took us only about 20 minutes to push out to 1100 radios. We never would have made our go-live date if we had to update these radios manually. That would have taken over 57 days or 458 work hours."

-Tim Loeffer, System Support Technician, Muskegon County, MI Central Dispatch

I am interested in radio management

The SystemGuard Difference:

Protect your equipment, your peace of mind, and your budget

Radio Management joins our family of SystemGuard services that go beyond traditional repair and preventive maintenance activities and are designed to fit your systems and your budget. Our Radio Management offering includes:

  • One template change for up to five templates per year
  • Up to five alias changes per year
  • One firmware change per year
  • Priority Service from experience and certified BAYCOM technicians