Construction sites are unpredictable places. Our solutions keep your work crews on top of changing conditions so they can stay connected, productive and safe while on the job. We design rugged, hands-free systems that can withstand the elements, deliver crystal-clear audio in noisy environments, and extend battery life to keep workers in touch throughout long shifts.

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The Baycom Difference

We do more than sell reliable products. We engineer solutions in partnership with our customers.

  • Rugged Solutions

    You work in all kinds of weather. So do our solutions. Trust our radios and accessories to withstand wind, rain, snow, dirt, dust and temperature extremes.

  • Safety in the Workplace

    Intrinsically safe solutions let you communicate worry-free in any environment, with transmit-interrupt features that give emergency communications priority.

  • Can Move Tech with the Job Site

    Whether you ship radios cross country or move your crews to a new jobsite across town, ours systems are designed to move with them - seamlessly.

  • Industry Leading Expertise; Hometown Commitment

    We live where our customers are – in cities and towns across Wisconsin. So, if a system needs service, we’re there. Because we know every minute matters.


  • Trend: The Demand for Large, Integrated Communication Systems Continues to Grow

    As issues of safety and security take on greater importance for our customers, we’re seeing a significant increase in the demand for large, integrated communication systems that work seamlessly across multiple locations, operating in both analog and digital modes, conventional and trunked configurations. In 2017 we completed five large-system projects. A year later, that number

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  • Could the Laptops and Tablets in Your Portfolio Pass the “Rugged” Tests?

    In most commercial and public safety environments, laptops and tablets need to be rugged—withstanding drops, vibrations, extreme temperatures, high altitudes, water, and dust. But how durable are these devices, really? Have they earned the right to be called “rugged”? Back in the 1960s, the Department of Defense developed a series of tests, called MIL-STD-810G specifications,

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  • Think Green – Construction Application Brief

    With material costs increasing, profit margins decreasing and the battle for bids at an all-time high, construction contractors are looking for innovative ways to compete. As the economy continues to tighten, customers continue to demand lower costs, tighter schedules and even give preference to contractors who employ “green” construction services. Read this construction application brief

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