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The time is NOW to imagine a world where hotel staff from transportation to security, maintenance, housekeeping, and beyond can communicate effortlessly both on and offsite.

In the hospitality industry, the key to creating loyalty and repeat business is to delight your customers.  We design communication systems to keep your staff connected, so they can coordinate efforts and respond quickly and efficiently to the needs of your guests, special events, spills, and emergencies.

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2019 Hospitality Survey Says

  • Voice Communication

    60% of hospitality workers are using two-way radios as their primary form of communication.

  • Radio Maintenance

    58% of hospitality workers maintain their radios as needed.

  • Multi-Device Use

    80% of hospitality workers use more than one device to communicate on the job.

  • Seamlessly Connect

    94% of hospitality workers say it would be valuable to communicate across devices.

The Baycom Difference

We do more than sell reliable products. We engineer solutions in partnership with our customers. Empower hospitality workers with team communications and create an experience guests will want to write home about.

  • Guest Relations

    We deliver clear, simple and reliable communications that increase guest satisfaction, safety and operational efficiency across all teams.

  • Facility & Staff Communication

    While reception, housekeeping, event and maintenance staffs communicate in real time, transmit-interrupt features give emergency communications priority.

  • Safety & Security

    With scalable video surveillance and integrated data solutions, we help the hospitality industry create safer, more secure environments for guest and staff.

  • Scalable & Extensible

    We help hotels make the most of their investments with solutions that can be easily upgraded or scaled over time as budgets allow and needs change.

Hotels & Hospitality