Build lasting partnerships by
leveraging integrated video security

Avigilon Integrated Video Security
Public-Private Partnerships Initiative

Meaningful public-private partnerships can form an even stronger foundation of trust between law enforcement agencies and the community. These programs empower communities to take a more proactive role in public safety, allow agencies to respond more quickly to crimes in progress and help create an exchange of information and real-time intelligence that can keep both citizens and officers safer.

With the Avigilon Public-Private Partnership (PPP) Packages businesses can integrate new or existing cameras into law enforcement systems by leveraging Avigilon Cloud Services (ACS). Once the business is opted into law enforcement’s camera sharing program, the connection of Avigilon Cloud Services and Avigilon Control Center (ACC) provides substantial benefits such as real time view of property for business owners and for law enforcement in the event of a public safety incident, secure remote connection to the video security system and more.



Flexible and Scalable Packages

Three Avigilon PPP packages that offer flexibility to businesses, making it easy to share new or existing cameras with law enforcement systems, allowing public safety agencies to work proactively with the community.



Connect your Avigilon Control Center to the cloud with Avigilon Cloud Services to enable secure, remote access to your systems from anywhere.