Systemguard: Our next generation service agreement program

BAYCOM Maintenance Services


Protect Your equipment, your peace-of-mind, and your budget


Picking out the perfect communication products for your company is never easy. However, finding a company that gives you a useful two-way radio warranty is even harder. Not all manufacturers provide this kind of service, and the few that do don’t offer enough of a warranty to make the purchase worthwhile. Here at BAYCOM, we make sure that never happens.

When you work with BAYCOM, not only are you guaranteed great products, but also an unmatched maintenance team. We know when critical equipment is not working, you need it fixed NOW. That’s why we do everything we can to have your back through our BAYCOM maintenance services.

The customized BAYCOM SystemGuard Service Agreement we offer goes beyond traditional repair and preventative maintenance activities and gives you priority status, ensuring that those unexpected service calls do not disrupt your operations. When you need immediate two-way radio repairs, the BAYCOM maintenance team works with you to build a plan that fits your systems and your budget. That means you can relax knowing that our BAYCOM maintenance services will cover all repair work performed by factory-trained, licensed, and certified technicians.

I am ready to Guard my Systems

The BAYCOM Difference

We do more than sell reliable products.
We protect your equipment, your peace-of-mind and your budget.

  • Customize your Agreement

    Our team will work with you to build a plan that meets your unique needs. Repair, preventive maintenance, tuning and testing of equipment or providing software and firmware updates, our goal is to help you keep your systems operating reliably and efficiently.

  • Protect Your Investment

    Give your equipment a longer life and keep it operating in peak condition with routine service and testing. Downtime is not an option.

  • Budget Effectively

    No one likes unexpected expenses. A BAYCOM Service Agreement allows you to budget ahead of time for yearly service, reducing and in most cases eliminating unexpected bills.

  • Maintenance Experts

    Our team of knowledgeable and experienced maintenance and repair technicians can test, maintain, and repair every piece of equipment that we sell. Sometimes we can even repair equipment that was not purchased through us.