V300 Body-Worn Camera


Police officers go above and beyond the call of duty. They need equipment that does the same. Built specifically for law enforcement, the V300 continuous-operation body-worn camera is ready to go when you are with its detachable battery, 128GB of storage space, wireless uploading and Record-after-the-Fact® technology.

Integrated with the technology you use day in and day out to enhance your focus, and combined with powerful device and evidence management software, the V300 body-worn video solution enables you to capture every encounter.

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  • Integrated with Vehicle video System- One or more V300 cameras and a 4RE in-car system can work seamlessly as single solution
  • Automatic Wireless Upload- Send critical video back to HQ while still in the field
  • Detachable Batter- Easily change the rechargeable battery while on the go
  • Natural Field of Video- Eliminate the fisheye effect from wide-angle lenses that warps video footage
  • Secure Encryption- Elevate your data security with encryption at rest and in transit technology
  • Critical Evidence Recovery- Never miss capturing a critical incident even days after it happened and a recording wasn't activated