Why the Future of Public Safety Will Rely on Wireless Mesh Networks

November 17, 2020 | Written by Rajant Corp. Homeland Security, law enforcement, emergency management, first responders, physical security professionals, computer and IT security experts, firefighters; these and so many others play a critical role within the multi-faceted public safety sector. Despite the disparate nature of public safety threats, which range from the most serious of

Rajant Kinetic Mesh Connects Dispersed Operations

Within the next few months, we’ll be celebrating the one-year anniversary of our acquisition of Infinity Wireless in Minneapolis-St. Paul, a move that has allowed us to expand our product offerings to better serve our customers. One of the most exciting new offerings is Rajant Kinetic Mesh, a network that connects geographically dispersed operations efficiently

The Rajant Kinetic Mesh® Network is Like a Cell Tower on Wheels

Today’s expansive industrial operations require robust connectivity everywhere. But cellular networks can’t truly meet these demands. That’s because cell towers are static. Move out of their range, and you’ve lost connectivity – as well as the critical data you need. But what if you could put that cell tower on wheels, and bring reliable connectivity

Network Drift.
It WILL Happen 100% of the Time.

No matter how well a wireless network is planned or how meticulously it is deployed, something will eventually happen over time to cause it to go adrift. From a need for increased capacity to power sources becoming undependable, changes to a wired network will occur. And unfortunately, there is no way around it. The “normal”

What if You Could Put a Cell Tower on Wheels?

Turning Every Operator’s Dreams for Total Network Mobility into Reality Industrial environments are modernizing in exciting ways. Worksites are becoming increasingly connected as the number of devices, sensors, and intelligent machines in use grows. Through them, operators are able to gain real-time visibility into the status of people, equipment, and operations like never before. But