Meet SystemGuard: Our Next-Generation Service Agreement Program

We’re enhancing our service agreement program to include new features our customers have been asking for.

Hundreds of our customers currently contract with us to provide repair and preventive maintenance services, but our next-generation service agreement program, SystemGuard, goes beyond those traditional service-agreement offerings to create added value.

“One of the new features we’ll be rolling out is the inclusion of programming services on a contract basis,” said BAYCOM Director of Customer Experience Katie Busch. “We began to consider this as a service-agreement feature when one of our customers lost their ‘radio’ guy to retirement, and wanted to outsource reprogramming of their radios as part of an annual service contract. Since then, other customers—many of whom are increasingly being asked to do more with less—have told us they’re eager to take advantage of this, too.”  Beyond programming services, additional features will be added over time to SystemGuard, creating even greater value beyond the program’s current benefits, which allow our customers to:

  • Create a Customized Agreement: Our team will work with you to build a plan that meets your unique needs. Whether it involves repair, preventive maintenance, tuning and testing of equipment for optimal performance or providing software and firmware updates, our goal is to help you keep your systems operating reliably and efficiently.
  • Ensure Priority Status: For most of our customers, downtime is not an option. With a SystemGuard agreement in place, your unexpected service calls will get priority status, helping to minimize the potential for operational disruption.
  • Rest Assured: With routine service and testing, our factory trained, licensed and certified technicians will keep your equipment operating at peak condition. We can test, maintain and repair every piece of equipment we sell (and even some that we don’t sell!).
  • Budget Confidently: No one likes unexpected expenses. With a SystemGuard service agreement, you can budget ahead of time for annual service, reducing—and in most cases eliminating—unexpected bills.

Learn more on our website about how SystemGuard can help ensure your communication systems are operating reliably and efficiently. Or, call us for more information at 800-726-5426.