65 and Counting: How We’re Paving the Way for Our (and Our Customers’) Future Success

Here at BAYCOM, we’re proud to share we’ve reached a significant milestone: 65 years in business! It was back in 1956 when our founder, working out of his basement in Green Bay, signed the company’s first service agreement with Motorola. Since then, our team has grown to include 79 members at six locations across Wisconsin and Minnesota.

From the outset, our brand promise has been simple: It Will Work. We’ve done the research. We have the experience. We’re in this Together.  Essentially, that means we recognize that no matter how good a product we offer, no matter how well we’ve optimized, designed or installed it, one thing is certain: At some point the technology is going to break. Of course, we do our best to limit how often that happens. But when it does happen, our customers know that we’re going to be there to offer exceptional service and support—as partners.

Today, with that brand promise as our foundation, we’re working to ensure the future success of our company and our customers by continually reinvesting in our business.

“We’re committed to making sure we continue to be relevant,” said BAYCOM President Rob Dillon. “For example, as violence has increased in our schools, we’ve gone beyond giving teachers the ability to communicate reliably in the event of an emergency. Two-way radios are important—but reactive—tools, and we needed to do more. So we evolved our offerings to include a full suite of solutions that allow schools to be more proactive by integrating technologies like license plate recognition, video and access control systems.”

We’re also committed to helping our customers make the transition to new technologies as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

“That’s always been a goal—to assure our customers that new technologies are not as scary as they may seem,” said BAYCOM Director of Panasonic Sales Tim Cooney. “By partnering with us, we make it easy for them to get up and running and take full advantage of the benefits.”

This year we’re unveiling two new opportunities for our customers to learn about and get comfortable with the latest technologies.  First, we’re opening our new  1,000 sq. ft. Lifeline Technology Center (LTC) in Sun Prairie, a hands-on product-display facility designed to let customers see, touch and experience state-of-the-art technologies before investing in them.

Second, alongside the LTC we’re also opening a new Systems Acceptance Lab. This in-house, on-site staging lab is designed to pressure test complex, mission-critical communication systems. Here, end users will be encouraged to test drive (and even try to break) systems that have been configured to meet their needs, allowing them give feedback and make changes long before the technologies are deployed in the field.

“By giving our customers the opportunity to use these technologies and impact the design of system configurations in advance of deployment, we offer peace of mind that I think differentiates us from our competitors,” added Dillon. “It’s a natural extension of our promise to our customers: It Will Work.”

To learn more about the Lifeline Technology Center and our Systems Acceptance Lab call us at 800-726-5426.