BAYCOM Offers Rapid-Deployment, Private Wireless Network for COVID-19 Testing Sites

We’re partnering with computer networking company Rajant Corporation to make immediately available private wireless networks for mobile field hospitals and pop-up shelters that with proper IT support, can be deployed in as little as a day.

Regular readers of our newsletter may remember that just last month we featured our new partnership with Rajant and its flagship product, Rajant Kinetic Mesh®.  Rajant Kinetic Mesh is a network that connects geographically dispersed and mobile operations where line-of-sight is often impeded and where inherently static infrastructures like Wi-Fi and LTE can fall short.

With the company’s new Emergency Response Rapid Deployment Kit, hospital and clinical staff have secure, reliable access to the internet and the health system data they need to:

  • Conduct admissions
  • Access medical records
  • Send prescriptions
  • Track and locate equipment using AeroScout asset tags
  • Connect tablets, laptops and phones via private Wi-Fi

To learn more about the Rapid Deployment Kit, call us at (800) 726-5426.

To learn more about how Rajant Kinetic Mesh delivers fully mobile wireless broadband connectivity that is simple, instantaneous, and fail-proof, watch this three-minute video on our website.