The Rajant Kinetic Mesh® Network is Like a Cell Tower on Wheels

Today’s expansive industrial operations require robust connectivity everywhere. But cellular networks can’t truly meet these demands. That’s because cell towers are static. Move out of their range, and you’ve lost connectivity – as well as the critical data you need. But what if you could put that cell tower on wheels, and bring reliable connectivity with you wherever you go?

With Rajant’s fully mobile Kinetic Mesh® wireless network, you can. Our multi-band BreadCrumb® nodes, equipped with our InstaMesh® networking software, move with your operations to provide extremely reliable wide-range communications virtually anywhere.

So, why is mobility better?

Let’s say your operating location has limited service or no service at all. You could apply for a cell tower to be installed, but there’s no guarantee one will be put in. Rajant’s private wireless solution lets you rapidly deploy a network anywhere. Our BreadCrumbs move in with agility to augment or create infrastructure ad-hoc, affixing to mobile vehicles to seamlessly connect hot zones and provide ubiquitous coverage over widespread areas

What if a significant transmission takes place while you’re in motion?

During cell site hand-offs, a momentary break occurs, and information could be dropped, and high traffic zones can also slow transfers down. Rajant’s BreadCrumbs make multiple connections and dynamically switch frequencies to avoid traffic, never breaking for a hand-off. That means no data gets lost, and it all gets delivered with real-time speed.

What if you’re operating in rugged terrain?

If there are barriers in a tower’s line of sight, there’s nothing it can do, but Rajant’s InstaMesh is smart. It knows how to route around interference and obstacles with ease.

So why settle for anything but a fully mobile network? Put your network on wheels and discover the operational impact that everywhere connectivity makes with Rajant.


January 21, 2020  |  Written by