Communications Built With a Purpose


We’re there when you’re working on repairing an electrical line in a remote area and need to bring in additional help. We’re there when you’re coordinating the assembly line on a bustling factory floor. We’re there when an allergic reaction in the cafeteria requires the attention of the school nurse. And we’re there when your team is running into a burning building.

We’re there whenever you need to communicate quickly and clearly – because we know that in the everyday and the most critical of moments, being able to stay connected can make all the difference.

At Motorola Solutions, we understand the critical nature communication plays in staying safe and productive. It’s why we continue to design and deliver devices and infrastructure that help keep you connected in any environment, even the harshest conditions and situations.

A wide range of solutions helps your teams and personnel stay safe and connected, whatever your line of work. No-compromise police radios are designed collaboratively with first responders to provide a solution that is reliable, intuitive and built to work under the toughest conditions. Professional digital mobile radios are built to the highest specifications, providing outstanding range, battery life and responsiveness so teams can collaborate more effectively and work more efficiently. Broadband-enabled devices bring together the data capabilities and applications of an Android device with the ruggedness and reliability of a business-critical push-to-talk device to help your team stay informed. And multi-network interoperability helps to connect your team across devices, networks and locations.

With a proven and time-tested record, our devices and networks are trusted by public safety agencies and enterprise teams around the world. And as a critical part of our powerful safety and security ecosystem, together with video security systems and voice, video and data all unified in a single command center view, our communication devices and networks play an important role in helping to protect people, property and places. Because we know that the seamless connection of people and information helps to build the foundation of safety and security that allows organizations and communities around the world to thrive.

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A Technology Ecosystem Centered on Safety and Security

safety reimagined BAYCOM wheel

January 23, 2024 by Motorola Solutions


A Technology Ecosystem Centered on Safety and Security

Safety has long been the critical precondition that progress and potential hinges upon – and technology has a role to play in strengthening safety everywhere.

At Motorola Solutions, we believe that people and technology are stronger when united. That’s why we’ve purposefully transformed our focus, centering on safety and security. With about $12B invested in organic R&D and acquisitions over the past nine years, we’ve created a robust and powerful ecosystem of technologies that are designed to work together – helping to protect people, property and places.

Communication devices and networks that are designed to perform in the harshest conditions and keep you connected. Video security systems powered by responsibly-built AI that help to focus human attention and act with more certainty. And voice, video and data unified in a single command center view to help provide the perspective to make quick and accurate decisions.

For example, if an armed individual approaches the entrance of a busy Emergency Room, video security analytics can activate automated alerts – dispatching security to the scene, notifying law enforcement including live video feeds, and sending mass notifications to hospital personnel across radios and smartphones – helping to keep everyone informed as the situation unfolds. Leveraging the technologies in our ecosystem, staff and first responders are better enabled to detect, respond and resolve a potentially dangerous situation.

We understand that enabling collaboration between public safety agencies and enterprises is critical to enabling a more proactive approach to safety and security. It’s the driving force behind our investments to continue building our ecosystem of technologies. Because when people can work together in more powerful ways, we can help solve for safer communities, safer schools, safer hospitals, safer businesses – safer everywhere.

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