Schools Leverage Two-Way Radio Communication for Enhanced Safety

BAYCOM is a Leader Among Two-Way Radio Dealers in Wisconsin

The increased attention paid to security and safety considerations in school buildings is bringing two-way radio communication into the spotlight as district-wide radio systems upgrade to digital technology. BAYCOM, a leader among two-way radio dealers for school districts and construction site communication, works with customers to design two-way radio communication systems that ensure coverage even in highly reinforced structures such as school basements.

“Our philosophy focuses on enhancing school safety through better communications,” says Rob Dillon, executive VP at Baycom. “The beauty of two-way radio communication is we can design a solution to accommodate all the nuances of a particular structure to produce the coverage that our customers need. Cell phones often won’t work inside buildings made of reinforced concrete or steel.”

BAYCOM recently worked with the Stoughton Area School District to replace its legacy analog radio system with the MOTOTRBO™ Linked Capacity Plus digital trunked radio system to solve issues such as poor or non-existent coverage at outlying elementary school buildings. (See the video here.) BAYCOM also deployed a similar MOTOTRBO Linked Capacity Plus radio system for five sites in the School District of Milton, Wisconsin.

“It was very important for the Stoughton team that we integrate local law enforcement and first responders into the schools in the event of an emergency,” explains Earl Katers, regional technical services manager at Baycom.

“BAYCOM strives to differentiate itself from other two-way radio dealers in that we add value above and beyond the quality of the equipment,” Katers says. “We deliver value from an engineering and local service perspective that helps our customers maximize their investment in two-way radio communication.”