SLR 1000 Repeater Enhances Construction Site Communication

BAYCOM Supplies Motorola Solutions Technology for Superior Radio Coverage

Construction site communication can be problematic when expansive sites combine with physical barriers such as concrete walls to create dead zones. Contractors rely on BAYCOM to provide coverage without complications using the MOTOTRBO family of SLR repeaters from Motorola Solutions.

“The new MOTOTRBO SLR 1000 Repeater is a revolutionary piece of technology because it is so easy to use and can be deployed for outdoor coverage,” says Aaron Mulkey, a communications consultant at BAYCOM, a member association of Motorola Commercial System Operators. “The unit ships in one piece and is self-contained. Just attach it to a pole or some other sturdy object and it is ready for activation.”

BAYCOM, a leading supplier of bi-directional amplifiers (BDAs), addresses shortcomings with in-building radio coverage for public safety organizations and security teams. The MOTOTRBO SLR1000 repeater is the latest addition to the SLR repeater family, building on the success of indoor coverage provided by the SLR5700 and SLR8000 models.

BAYCOM’s expertise in designing uninterrupted radio coverage provides superior construction site communication as well as enhanced safety in fully operational settings such as corporate and educational campuses. The SLR 1000’s low-power, fanless design uses less space and energy than traditional repeaters.

Flexibility of Placement Options Improves Construction Site Communication

The SLR 1000 does not require cooling from HVAC, eliminating the need for logistical planning to accommodate this element. The unit is IP65-rated for water and dust protection, which makes it ideal for construction site communication use.

“Once you set up this system, you can easily deploy additional units to increase capacity and enhance construction site communication,” Mulkey explains. “The system grows with your project or as your security needs dictate. You can increase voice coverage without having to purchase additional frequencies.”

BAYCOM offers complimentary coverage testing to ensure your construction site communication system provides the signal strength needed for consistent two-way radio voice coverage.