The Best of All Worlds? Push-to-talk Communications with Nationwide Coverage + Lower Upfront Costs

Our partners at Motorola Solutions have introduced a new two-way radio that we know will meet the needs of many of our customers: Push-to-talk capability that runs on a cellular network.

“This is going to be a good fit for customers that have multiple, geographically dispersed locations and need a simple, cost-effective communications solution,” said Aaron Mulkey, BAYCOM Communications Consultant. “It utilizes WAVE OnCloud, a broadband push-to-talk subscription service from Motorola that uses the cloud to extend two-way radio communications.”

The WAVE Two-Way Radio TLK100 will be useful to medium- and large-sized businesses with task-oriented workers who require constant, daily communication with dispatch or management. It also will be helpful for industries with field services where tracking vehicle locations and ongoing communication with field teams is essential for business operations. This may be especially applicable in industries such as private security, construction, manufacturing, retail, and transportation and logistics.

Compared to smartphones, the TLK100 devices offer:

  • Greater durability
  • Longer battery life
  • Ease of use: Communicate instantly with team members across the country at the push of a button.
  • Fewer distractions: No texting or internet, so your teams can focus on critical voice and team communications
  • Support from BAYCOM, not a cell phone carrier
  • Lower upfront costs

Compared to conventional two-way radios, the TLK100 devices offer:

  • Nationwide coverage with WAVE OnCloud
  • The ability to bridge multiple job sites, facilities and operations without needing to set up or maintain a complicated infrastructure
  • Rapid deployment: No need for FCC or spectrum licensing, or manual programming
  • Lower cost

“One of the other big selling points is that you can tie these devices into other, existing solutions,” said Mulkey. “WAVE OnCloud does have a phone app. So theoretically, you could have executives on smartphones using Motorola’s WAVE OnCloud application to do push-to-talk. You could have schedulers or dispatchers on the TLK100s. And you could have service or maintenance guys on a conventional radio system with the high-end infrastructure and the super rugged radios tied in. We can design a plan to incorporate and meet the different needs of all three.”

Learn more about WAVE Two-Way TLK100 radios on our website or contact us to learn how this solution can benefit you today.