Solar-Powered Repeaters Help Michels Corporation Teams Stay Connected Across Remote Job Sites

front angle of Michels building

Michels Corporation, the largest construction company in Wisconsin, is turning to BAYCOM to solve an all-too-common problem: Maintaining reliable communications across remote job sites.

“Traditionally, if you wanted reliable two-way radio coverage in a remote location, you had to look for power. Who’s got the generator? Or who’s got a trailer with power? Then you’re stuck putting a repeater at that one location,” said BAYCOM Communications Consultant Aaron Mulkey. “And if your job site moves a mile down the road, your coverage deteriorates. But with this new solution, you can move the repeater with your job site. It’s a huge step forward.”

Designed by BAYCOM engineers for Michels Corporation, the custom-built Solar Repeater Kit consists of two solar panels that recharge a deep-cycle (large, marine-like) battery which, in turn, powers the repeater. According to Mulkey, DC-powered repeaters are noticeably more efficient than AC models, and are effective tools for extending communications range.

“As long as they have some sunlight or some UV, users can gain 10 times the coverage they would normally get just using radio to radio.”

The Solar Repeater Kit is modular, making it easy to ship, assemble, and move. And it’s built to be rugged, because we know customers will be putting these repeaters on job trailers and shipping them across the country to remote locations. And while the system is currently being designed and built for contractors like the Michels Corporation, it would also be a good fit for event or concert planners, or anyone else who sets up temporary structures in remote locations.

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