Five Surprising Ways to Use Two-Way Radios Within Your Communication System

In a nation where 82 percent of the population now has a smartphone, it may be hard to imagine that two-way radios are the most efficient way to communicate. But these devices are being put to use in some surprising ways these days to create safer, more productive and efficient environments.





In manufacturing, speed research and development. Surveys show that 52% of manufacturing companies want real-time messaging between machines and people. And 46% say digital radios can reduce downtime 10% to 20%[1]. But did you know two-way radios can also help to unlock a competitive edge for your organization? These devices can create a bridge between your research and development team and the realities of your operation, so innovation translates seamlessly into execution. By transcending different communication standards—PTT radio, Wi-Fi, smartphones and computer networks—a two-way radio enables collaboration that delivers rapid time to value.


In transportation and logistics, track hazardous loads. Where hazardous substances are handled, risks are high and worker safety is paramount. Location-tracking and motion-sensing functions of best-in-class two-way radios give a priceless layer of additional safety to users, while extended coverage and long battery life help ensure they are always in reach and can be found quickly in an emergency.




In hospitality, create a memorable first impression. Two-way radios can help hospitality teams create a memorable first impression long before guests arrive at your door, with enables drivers to work safely and enables drivers to work safely and help ensure safe travel for their passengers. Direct communication with concierge and reception teams can ensure perfect timing for group welcomes. And out on the road, shuttles or buses can be re-routed around congestion or traffic incidents, with text-to-


In education, reach across the district. According to a recent survey, 90% of educators say creating a safer secure environment for students is a priority[2]—not only within a building or campus but across an entire district. Two-way radios allow school personnel to move freely without every moving out of range. Best-in-class radios provide voice, data and even video coverage to the remotest of outbuildings and can also communicate with 3G and 4G smartphones.



In health care, keep patients, staff, and visitors safer. In hospitals across the country, violent acts are becoming more common, impacting almost 90 percent of hospitals[3]. Whether it is an aggressive patient who needs to be subdued, or a threatening visitor entering with a weapon, it is critical for hospitals to prevent incidents and resolve them quickly when they occur. Unlike other wireless systems, digital two-way radio means you aren’t dependent on an external network or commercial carrier for a real-time flow of information. When a crisis occurs, you’ll have a private, “always available” communication resource to streamline collaboration and speed response.


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