Benefits of a Two-Way Radio Rental Program

Two-Way Radio Rental: Ready to Work When You Are


BAYCOM provides you with the lifeline in the moments that matter, and in an effort to expand these lifelines, we have joined forces with Rhino Communication Rentals to provide two-way radio rental solutions. With more than 50 years experience in the industry, Rhino delivers design and deployment of rental communications across various industries. Combined, BAYCOM and Rhino create a terrific team prepared to provide Two-Way Radio Rental options for a wide variety of situations, events and opportunities. 

Whether you’re coordinating a work crew of 1,000 or just need to establish communications between two people for a special event, we can provide simple short-term or long-term rental options for your two-way radio needs. Our two-way radio rental options feature advanced technology that delivers security, sound quality and so much more. Above all, users can depend on this technology to stay safe, be productive and deliver great customer experiences.

Why Choose a Radio Rental Program?

  • First, we’ll develop solutions that meet your unique needs, match existing or program new radio frequencies, create talk groups and connect your radios directly to police, security or transportation channels, as needed. 
  • Next, our radio rental programs offer a simple, cost-effective way to minimize downtime and maximize worker safety.
  • Then, renting will give you access to the latest in communications technologies without the capital expense or the hassle of managing the fleet. 
  • Finally, we offer 24/7 support from our expert technicians, so you can manage and maintain your communications.


Industries Benefiting from Two-way Radio Rental



  • Our two-way radio rental solutions keep your work crews on top of changing conditions so they can stay connected, productive and safe while on the job. Expand your radio fleet to meet temporary or seasonal needs without having to purchase equipment that might otherwise sit idle for much of the year. 

Corporate Events

  • When you’re hosting an event, success hinges on your team’s ability to quickly and reliably communicate. Trusty two-way radio rentals let you focus on your event without worrying about having to manage a fleet of radios, their frequencies or maintenance.

Sporting Events

  • For organizers of sporting events, providing a safe environment for participants, spectators and staff is top priority. Deliver with quality, reliable two-way radio communications. 

Film & Production

  • Whether you’re shooting a film in a remote location or producing an annual show for your staff, you need to be able to communicate clearly and reliably with your crew. Dependable two-way radios allow you to stay focused on a successful production.

Fairs & Festivals

  • From state fairs to church festivals, two-way radio rental helps teams stay connected.

Event Security

  • Keep security teams connected with reliable, quality two-way radio communications.


Additional Benefits 


  • Accessories: From earpieces to speaker mics, our options allow you to fine-tune your two way radio experience to go flawlessly.
  • Technical Support: Our technical support members will set it right for you.
  • Rent and then Own: If you decide, based on your two way radio rental experience, that you want to purchase the technology, Contact Us to determine next steps, including: continuing with your rental, purchasing new products, or leasing to own.

Whether you’re looking for rentals, or to purchase or upgrade two way radios within your business, we provide you with the tools needed to run your events efficiently and safely.

Check in at our Rental Page and see for yourself the edge of our two-way radio rental program.