Unusual Activity Detection
Uncover Atypical Events that May Go Unnoticed

Unusual Activity Detection

Unusual Activity Detection (UAD) provides new edge-based intelligence that uses advanced AI technology. It is designed to enable the detection of atypical activities, such as people and vehicles travelling at faster speeds or are in unusual locations and alert operators.

Focus Of Attention Interface

Focus of Attention (FOA) is a cutting-edge user interface for live video monitoring that leverages AI and video analytics technology such as UAD to help increase operator effectiveness. By visually highlighting the unanticipated, it provides an overview of anomalous activity so you can verify the event and quickly determine the appropriate response.


Filtered Recorded Timeline Search

Helps you quickly review large amounts of video by filtering ACC’s timeline to only highlight the periods where Unusual Activity Detection (UAD) events have occurred.


Embedded On H5A Platform Cameras

UAD technology is embedded in the Avigilon H5A camera line, offering high-powered AI capabilities on our flagship line of cameras.

Unusual Activity Detection And Unusual Motion Detection

What Is The Difference?

Both are edge-based, intelligent technologies that distinguish between typical and atypical events by continuously learning from observation of scenes over time. Where Unusual Activity Detection (UAD) is object-aware and detects the atypical behavior of learned objects like people and vehicles, Unusual Motion Detection (UMD) technology continuously learns what a typical scene looks like, then detects and flags unusual motions that deviate from that model.

Unusual Activity Detection (UAD)

  • Object aware with the ability to determine if behaviors are usual on a per-object type basis.
  • Presents unusual activity for classified objects (people or vehicles).
  • Highlights atypical behavior such as unusual speed or location.

Unusual Motion Detection (UMD)

  • Highlights anomalous motion based on learned models of what a typical scene looks like.
  • Offers edge-intelligence on budget-friendly cameras.
  • Highlights atypical motions such as speed, direction, or location.