Top 5 Reasons to use a TOUGHBOOK

Toughbook Purchase or Refresh in Your Future?
Here are 5 Reasons to Consider BAYCOM.

Anybody can sell you a Panasonic Toughbook, but nobody will partner with you like BAYCOM. So when it’s time to refresh or add to your fleet of rugged computers, consider working with us. Why? Because we promise our customers something other technology resellers can’t:

It Will Work.
We’ve done the research.
We have the experience.
And we’re in this together.


Here’s how we deliver on this brand promise.


1. We understand public safety.

We've been partnering with law enforcement since 1956 and currently work with thousands of public safety agencies across the United States. We've deployed thousands of rugged computers in a variety of fleet vehicles including squad cars, command vehicles, fire trucks and ambulances. Based on this broad range of experience, we've developed a helpful Q & A that we review with our public safety customers to make sure we address each organization's critical issues up front—so they get exactly what they need; no more and no less.

    2. We offer only the best products.

    We sell Panasonic Toughbooks because we believe they're the best rugged-computer products on the market. Competitive brands often knock on our door asking us to represent them, and when they do we research them thoroughly. But to date, we haven't identified any other brand that can stand up to the durability and reliability of Toughbooks.

      3. We don't just sell products. We engineer solutions.

      A Toughbook is just one piece of an overall solution that's mounted in a vehicle and attached to many other devices like integrated or in-vehicle modems, GPS systems, mobile printers, scanners, mobile in-car video and more. We understand how all this needs to work together, and have built a successful track record of integrating Toughbooks with the other critical components. So when you partner with us, you can rest assured your investments in technology will work together as intended—delivering the information and connectivity that your teams need to make critical decisions quickly and keep them safer on the job.

      "Product expertise—especially when it comes to integration—is something customers simply cannot get when ordering a part number through a catalog house," said Sam Colucci, BAYCOM Business Development Manager. "And unfortunately, I've seen too many situations where customers who ordered products online ended up with machines that couldn't be integrated or simply didn't meet the need. For example, a Toughbook without internet connectivity or GPS functionality isn't going to be very valuable in the field."

        4. We're with you for the duration.

        We stand by our solutions. If there's ever an issue with a product or deployment, call us. Our technicians have hundreds of years of combined experience and will do everything possible to resolve the issue for you. If we can't fix it, we'll take the lead in engaging the manufacturer, so you don't have to. Bottom line: We're in this together. We'll have your back for the entire product lifecycle. We think this is one of the most important aspects of our brand promise, and it's one our customers appreciate.

        "Never once have we decided to look at another vendor, because anytime we call, BAYCOM is always available. They have the solution, and they take care of their customers." -- Mark Podoll, Green Lake County Sheriff."

          5. We make it easy to get the best value.

          We understand that with ever-shrinking budgets, public safety agencies and businesses must get the most out of every dollar spent. We are an authorized vendor on most State & National Purchasing contracts for mobile computing and video products. Our contract status also means you won't need to get multiple quotes when you're ready to refresh or add to your Toughbook fleet. Instead, just give us a call. In many cases, we're able to deliver a quote in hours-not days or weeks.

          We've also proud to have received multiple "Reseller of the Year" awards from Panasonic, and are Diamond Level Prime Partner. Let us help you make your next purchase a great experience. Call us at 800-726-5426 to talk to a member of our team right away.

            The Baycom Difference

            We do more than sell reliable products. We engineer solutions in partnership with our customers.

            • BAYCOM has been chosen State Contract Holder for WI, MN, IA, ND, SD, TX, FL, NY and the National IPA contract because of our longstanding history of successfully working with public safety and government agencies. These contracts provide highly discounted prices for Panasonic mobile computing and video products without the need to write an RFP or go through a tedious bidding process.

            • We want to help our customers to be successful, and that’s why we invest in our experienced service team. Through high tech training and experience in public safety systems, BAYCOM is a trusted partner that provides installation services, maintenance, and technical support.

            • Our goal is to support you and your community with only the very best. The Panasonic product line continues to be the leader nationwide in providing proven solutions to support safety in the field. It is the only mobile computing product line that BAYCOM trusts and feels confident offering to our customers.

            It Will Work.

            • Every aspect of every dealing I have had with anyone from BAYCOM has been outstanding. The service end of things has been some of the best customer service I have ever been associated with. They do an incredible job and have answered my call every time I have had a question or issue. They are some of the most knowledgeable people I have ever met, and are a huge asset to BAYCOM. BAYCOM should be proud to say they have this team working for them, as they represent the company very well. Jon Spice, Emergency Management Oconto County
            • Never, once have we decided to look at another vendor, because anytime we call, BAYCOM is always available. They have the solution, and they take care of their customer. Mark Podoll, Green Lake County Sheriff
            • It has been my direct experience that BAYCOM responds quickly and professionally to questions, quotes and product evaluation requests. They offer excellent product knowledge that will be beneficial to participants in the Buy.IT program. BAYCOM also offers participants the option of meeting face to face with their product experts. Commander Neil Fredericks, Ramsey County Sheriff’s Office
            • My experience with BAYCOM has been very positive. My sales representative is very responsive to inquiries: sales quotes, questions, product demos, etc. Being able to produce a quick turnaround on a quote is a huge plus in this line of work. I don't want to have to follow up with a vendor multiple times to get a quote, and with BAYCOM I don't have to do this. Blake Gore, IT Applications Manager, Longview TX Police Department
            • Our experience with BAYCOM has always been professional. The customer service was phenomenal and created a strong positive experience. Wade Gillen, Assistant Fire Chief, Corsicana Texas Fire Department