3M ALPR Car Mounted Camera

License Plate Recognition

Law enforcement agencies with an eye toward efficient field operations are deploying Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR) technology in growing numbers. BAYCOM is helping departments across the USA enhance their enforcement, data collection and investigative capabilities while minimizing the time involved with running plates.

ALPR technology offers a solid return on investment through its multi-faceted application capabilities:

Average speed enforcement – When paired with cameras, ALPR systems can calculate speeds to improve safety in construction or school zones, or assist in decongestion of high traffic areas.

Intelligent transportation systems – Specialized software can assist with traffic data collection, and issues such as bus lane and tolling enforcement.

Law enforcement and security – Speeds the ability to identify stolen vehicles, assist in drug enforcement activities and numerous other investigative objectives.

Parking – Automates parking facility management, as well as security at major venues such as stadiums, healthcare facilities and airports.

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BAYCOM has over 60 years of experience providing the public safety and commercial industries with customized, versatile solutions.
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BAYCOM has the most experienced installation service and IS team with 30 certified technicians. This allows us to provide unmatched service and support for our customers.
The 3M ALPR technology is chosen for its superior technology, creative designs, quality manufacturing, and reliable support. This effective tool provides accurate and timely information and allows users to make quick and well informed decisions.

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