Republican National Convention 2024

RNC 2024
Let us help you shine

When the world’s attention is focused on Milwaukee, Wisconsin during the Republican National Convention this summer, businesses like yours will have a remarkable opportunity to shine. BAYCOM is ready to help you make a great impression.

BAYCOM is a Milwaukee-based premier reseller and service provider of wireless voice and data communications and video surveillance solutions for businesses, schools, state and local government, and public safety organizations across the United States. Our mission is to keep communities and workforces secure and connected by providing technology that drives efficiency and safety.

Our entire community will be in the spotlight during the convention, and as a Milwaukee-based business, we’re committed to helping our customers deliver experiences visitors will want to write home about.

So you can put your best foot forward.


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AI-Enhanced Surveillance Solutions

Along with improving your communications capabilities, we’re ready to help you enhance your physical security through advanced video surveillance and access control systems. Our security suite provides a complete portfolio of end-to-end video security products and services, powered by intelligence, so you can react faster when it matters most.

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Two-Way Radios

Keep your teams connected with our best-in-class two-way radios. Whether you are looking to design a communications plan for the four-day event, expand your existing fleet, or connect your team to other teams across venues, BAYCOM is here to help. To learn more about what type of radio is best for your needs, visit our Radio Solutions Builder, or reach out to our experts today.

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Body-Worn Cameras

50,000 people headed to Milwaukee- be sure your staff and officers are prepared. Your team needs flexible solutions that can operate the way they do, BAYCOM's body-worn cameras deliver ruggedness, endurance, and real-time integration to evidence management software, allowing you to deliver clear video evidence to enhance safety, transparency, and community trust.

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As you prepare to welcome and serve some of the 50,000 visitors expected to attend RNC 2024, the need for clear, reliable team communications and unwavering security will undoubtedly be a critical part of your plan.


  • Design and seamlessly integrate a security and communications plan for the four-day event

  • Strengthen safety measures with AI-enhanced video surveillance & management for complete situational awareness

  • Expand your fleet of two-way radios to ensure your team can communicate reliably (and securely, if needed)

  • Enhance your physical security through access control systems and body-worn cameras