Resilience Racing Update: BAYCOM Employee & US Army Vet Completes His First SCCA Road Race

As a follow up to a story we told you about in July, BAYCOM’s Jon Winker, an Army veteran who lost his left leg below the knee during a tour in Iraq, just completed his first race in the BAYCOM-sponsored Resilience Racing car.

The Resilience Racing team made its debut at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway this summer. The team was founded by Winker, our company’s IT Director, along with Major Kirk Dooley, a former United States Marine Corps Special Operations Command (MARSOC) leader and now Director of Event Operations at IMS.

“When I got injured in Iraq in 2009, I had very limited mobility, which meant I could no longer participate at the same level in the sports I loved—with one exception: Motorsports,” said Winker. “When I got onto the racetrack I was distracted from my pain and focused on my mission. That kept me going through some really tough times. I’ve seen what motorsports has done for me personally and I want to make it possible for other disabled veterans to have that same experience.”

The team’s goal is to show other disabled vets there is life after severe injuries. And Winker is leading the way, having completed his first SCCA Road Race at Blackhawk Farms Raceway, just outside Beloit, Wisconsin, in September. Congratulations, Jon!

Follow the team’s progress on the Resilience Racing Facebook page and on the BAYCOM website.
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