When Every Moment Matters, Solutions Integration Helps you Do More in Less Time

We here at BAYCOM, in partnership with Motorola Solutions, are excited to offer a new, mission-critical ecosystem that unifies voice, video, data and analytics in one connected platform. Our end-to-end solution is designed to help you enhance safety and security by integrating our proven communications technologies into a single solution, backed by award-winning service and support.

Although each of the solutions is powerful in its own right, these technologies combine to deliver an unrivaled opportunity to detect, analyze, communicate and respond to situations as they arise—confidently and quickly.


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Quickly identify and track points of interest to better protect people, property and assets.Accurately evaluate situations as they arise to make quicker, more informed decisions.Connect instantly across devices and networks to keep teams informed.Simultaneously mobilize and coordinate internal and external response.
The "Man Down" feature on an employee's radio detects a fallen worker and automatically sends an alert to security.In the control room, security receives the alert, verifies the location of the employee and uses live video to evaluate the circumstances.Based on defined protocols and using real-time location data, the emergency response team is dispatched to assist the worker.First responders arrive and are admitted to provide medical attention. An incident is logged including data for analysis and claims.
• MOTOTRBO™ Two-Way Radios
• NITRO™ Private LTE
• AVIGILON™ Video, Analytics
• ALLY™ Management Screen
• AVTEC™ Dispatch
• MOTOTRBO™ Two-Way Radios
• WAVE™ Broadband Push-to-Talk
• AVIGILON™ Access Control
• ALLY™ Incident Management


You may already appreciate the value of having reliable two-way radio communications at your fingertips or the insights you can glean from surveillance system video. But by connecting these tools to each other, and to other proven solutions, you can achieve an entirely new level of benefit.

An integrated solution that shares information
across technologies allows you to:

  • Enhance Safety

    Working together, these tools help you mobilize resources in a moment's notice, and can, for example, automatically recognize hazardous situations, track people of interest, send alerts and even open or close access points automatically—saving time and, potentially, lives.

  • Communicate Efficiently

    The cloud-based platform lets you connect your teams in real-time to all incident, dispatch and analytics information, with the devices you use.

  • Minimize Downtime

    Because these integrated solutions help to streamline workflow, any stoppage of work or production caused by an incident can be minimized.

  • Document Confidently

    The ALLY incident management software pulls data from within the various technologies to create an incident case that includes video, notes and other documentation that may be used in a liability situation.

  • Be Proactive

    ALLY also makes use of embedded analytics to identify trends or areas of concern that can be analyzed, addressed or used to inform the planning process.