Our ESOP Advantage

The Pathway to your American Dream

ESOP Advantage

When you join OwnersEdge or one of our operating companies, you become part of a unique ownership structure that might be new to you, but it’s sure to get your attention. To clarify, we are not owned by private equity, by a family, by management, or even by a sole owner. We are 100% employee-owned. And we are proud to be employee owners!

It’s not often you can call yourself an employee owner and go to work every day to offer your talents without having to “start your own business.” Although retirement may not always be at the top of your mind, we make sure everyone understands how the Employee Stock Ownership Plan, or better known as an ESOP, is a unique benefit that offers you shares in the company that has proven to gain value over time.

The ESOP is our “gift” to you for the contributions you make every day when you show up for work and give your all.
This is our ESOP Advantage!


What is an ESOP?

An ESOP is a qualified retirement savings plan governed by the Department of Labor.  When you become a member of our ESOP, you are automatically enrolled into the ESOP plan on January 1 or July 1 (whichever comes first) after completion of your first year of service. Each year the ESOP goes through a valuation by an outside third party to determine the value of the shares, which will be reflected in your personal ESOP account.

How does my ESOP grow?
Our employees’ ESOP accounts grow in two ways, through:

The annual gifted employer contribution – targeting 10-15% of your annual earnings


The change in the OwnersEdge affiliate company consolidated share value

Our Commitment to Diversified Growth

Today we have five affiliate businesses, and our goal is to have eight diversified affiliates over the next few years.  This approach of adding healthy diversified businesses to the OwnersEdge portfolio, and providing a means for them to continue growing, is our commitment to you as an employee owner.  Our employee owners have a vested interest in the success of our affiliates, that can be experienced in our culture and positive work environments.  The collective efforts of you and others on your team have the ability to impact the overall consolidated company performance and share value.


Pathway to Your American Dream

Statistics show that, on average, the typical employee will have up to 12 jobs throughout their career!  When we hire employee owners, our goal is to give you every opportunity to stay on a path within our ESOP until you wish to retire.  Whether you are recognized for your technical talents, previous experience, or you excel at people leadership, we build on your strengths and create pathways to help you grow your skill sets and enhance your career. Our hope is that when you retire and look back, you can say that the ESOP Advantage helped you realize
Your American Dream.

OwningIt! Award

At OwnersEdge and our affiliate companies we talk a lot about owning it. Each of our employee owners has a vested interest in our success, so we consider our work to be more than just a job; we consider it a collective commitment to our purpose, our fellow employee owners, and to our customers. In other words, we do whatever it takes because we know when our customers succeed, we succeed.

Each year, we recognize one employee owner from OwnersEdge and each affiliate with our “OwningIt!” award. The nominees and winners of this award are announced during our Annual All-Employee ESOP Meeting, where we also announce the new share value and highlight successes from each affiliate company.

Introducing our 2021 OwningIt! Award Winner


He goes above and beyond for his customers and the team. He works collaboratively with everyone.”


“He comes to work each and every day with a positive attitude and a drive for customer satisfaction. He is always willing to help.”


“Dena is polite and has respectful communication skills. She has a positive attitude and willingly accepts more work to help her team.”


“Andy is well respected by both his peers and the CC&N customers. He is respected, driven, and dedicated to the company’s core values.”


“He has an ability to maintain professionalism under high pressure. He adapts easily and often works together with the team for desired results.”


“He is a true team player and the definition of a leader that leads from the front and gets results. He is dependable, reliable, and trustworthy.”

Supporting our ESOP Mission

EOC logoAll employee owners are welcome to be part of an Employee Ownership Committee which runs activities and events each year around our four missions – ESOP Education, Community Involvement, Well-Being and Celebrations.  This voluntary committee consists of a chair, past chair, a leader for each mission and EOC champions. Our entire committee is looked upon as ambassadors for our ESOP and what employee ownership means to all of us!


Giving Back to Our Communities

In addition to our employee owners giving back to their communities with their day to day work efforts, we also strive to connect employee owners to the community through our volunteer programs – both through company planned events and paid time off each year to volunteer.



School Supplies Drive


 Summer Olympics