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With Nitro.

Nitro Wireless Broadband Network

Imagine a platform that embraces opportunity and redefines what a radio network can do. With high-fidelity audio, enterprise grade private broadband, 24/7/365 support, predictive network monitoring and simple-to-deploy infrastructure, Nitro is a powerful tool to help your business thrive. See how boosting your network with Nitro can elevate your workplace operations.




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Experience a First

The first fully-managed CBRS platform that combines private LTE data with business-critical voice.

  • On-premise private LTE

    Don't bring consumer broadband to a commercial site. With twice the capacity* and up to four times the range* of Wi-Fi, Nitro CBRS Private LTE lets you do more with less.

  • Extend your existing devices

    Deliver seamless, secure, high-fidelity voice conversations across your campus or across the country with MOTOTRBO voice interoperability, and connect up to two devices to your CBRS-enabled portable two-way radio via Wi-Fi.

  • Full management and control

    Focus less on managing your network and more on leveraging its performance. Remove the hassles of network management while enabling full control of your operation via a cloud-based portal.

  • An end-to-end private LTE partner

    Because we manage the solution end-to-end, you can rest assured that all network components are tested and validated to work seamlessly together.