Cape Drone Sofware

Increased visibility and access to real-time actionable intelligence in emergency situations can mean the difference between life and death. This is why law enforcement agencies worldwide are incorporating drones, or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), into their standard operating procedures. 

From evaluating an active crime or accident scene to searching for missing persons, UAVs can arrive in seconds, providing an increased level of insight and situational awareness. Police teams equipped with drone technology rapidly make informed decisions while assessing the situation from a safe distance — ultimately helping capture criminals and save lives. According to an industry survey, 81% of police agencies in the U.S. currently have or are pursuing some form of an unmanned aerial system. 

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  • Gain Situational Awareness Faster- rapidly deploy drones on scene and stream real-time, high-quality video to give teams increased situational awareness
  • Make Informed Decisions- get expert eyes on the scene in real time with the ability to operate drones remotely over a secure internet connection
  • Equip Prosecutors with Quality Evidence- store high-quality images and videos for use as evidence-content from a drone’s SD card is automatically uploaded and stored in a secure cloud platform
  • Leverage Drones as First Responders- when drones arrive at the scene first, command centers can better identify and dispatch resources, sometimes even clearing calls without ever dispatching officers
  • Convert Mode- system can be configured to record with no visual or audio indicators
  • Obtain FAA Authorization- simplify the FAA approval process and ensure compliance with built-in safeguards, including object avoidance, safety geofences and emergency mitigations that confidently handle complex flights with operations in restricted airspaces

Purpose-built drone video and flight control software

Integrate CAPE-equipped drones into daily workflows for a quicker response to active situations and an evidence-grade record of events. Emergency response teams equipped with drone technology rapidly make informed decisions from a safe distance—ultimately reducing injuries and saving lives.

  • Build a safer drone program

    Safely launch and fly a variety of drones using a built-in pre-flight checklist, predefined or ad hoc geofences and 3D obstacle and collision avoidance

  • Get FAA-approved eyes on scene

    Simplify FAA approval for a drone-as-a-first-responder (DFR) program by incorporating our controls into your "Risk Mitigation and Emergency Procedure" policy

  • Livestream to anyone, anywhere

    Initiate a livestream of drone video, available for viewing by responders en route to an incident or remote command staff, using an Android or iOS device

  • Manage flight data responsibly

    Drone video, images and flight information are saved to our secure cloud for easy review and can be shared with the public for transparency