DNC 2020: Seize the Opportunity to Shine

When the world’s attention is focused on Milwaukee during the Democratic National Convention next summer, businesses like yours will have a remarkable opportunity to shine. BAYCOM is ready to help you make a great impression.

“We’re already in the planning stages with many of our customers who know they’ll need to enhance their communications and security capabilities to provide best-in-class coverage during the event,” said Terence Ploszaj, BAYCOM Director of Sales and Marketing. “So while July, 2020 may seem like a long way off, it’s actually not too soon for participating venues and event planners to start mapping out a strategy.”

Here’s how BAYCOM can help.

Communications Solutions
As you prepare to welcome and serve some of the 50,000 visitors expected to attend DNC 2020, the need for clear, simple and reliable team communications will undoubtedly be a critical part of your plan. We can help you:

  • Design a communications plan for the four-day event
  • Expand your fleet of two-way radios through the purchase or rental of additional units
  • Ensure your team can communicate reliably (and securely, if needed) with equipment such as Motorola’s WAVE Two-Way Radio TLK100 with push-to-talk capability that runs on a cellular network

We can also connect your team to teams at other venues or events so you’ll be best positioned to help deliver a seamless visitor experience across locations.

“For example, while most hotels use two-way radios to communicate internally among members of their teams, they’re not necessarily set up to communicate with other venues,” said Ploszaj.”But if a hotel is hosting a VIP during the convention, hotel staff members will want to communicate in real time with their counterparts at venues such as the Art Museum or at restaurants, and certainly with transportation providers. We can help create those communication partnerships in advance of the event, so visitors can be moved efficiently, safely and smoothly from one location to another.”

Security Solutions
Along with improving your communications capabilities, we’re ready to help you enhance your physical security through advanced video surveillance and access control systems.

Many of our customers already have some level of video surveillance in place, although it’s typically a forensic capability—meaning they record surveillance video but don’t necessarily review it unless or until something happens. We have security solutions that incorporate advanced analytics and artificial intelligence that give our customers the ability to use video proactively.

“For example, I can literally draw a line on a video image and set a rule that says, ‘If anybody crosses that line, I want to be alerted. Or, if someone suspicious is brought to my attention, I can have the system scan all video images in real time to track the movement of the person wearing a red shirt and blue hat. Or, I can ask to see only and all the images that have cars in them,” said Ploszaj. “It’s using video surveillance in an active rather than in a passive way. And while this capability may be overkill for smaller events and locations, it is absolutely appropriate for any of the major convention venues.”

Rental Solutions
We know that for many of our customers, the need to expand or enhance capabilities during DNC 2020 is temporary.  That’s why we offer short- and long-term rentals of communications and security solutions.

“If you’ve already got a system in place and are 80% covered, we can help fill in the gaps with rental units,” said Ploszaj“Or if your venue is 100% covered but you want to make sure you can coordinate communications with other venues and events, we can coordinate those logistics.”

Pulling it all together for DNC 2020
Here at BAYCOM, as we prepare for DNC 2020, our priority is simple: To help our customers deliver exceptional experiences to their customers during the convention—with seamless, reliable, coordinated solutions. We’ll have your back. So you can put your best foot forward.

Contact us today to start planning for your DNC 2020 communications and security needs.