CommandCentral Vault

Easily Find Any & All Agency Content

Digital Evidence ManagementBy leveraging our big data platform to store all your agency’s content, CommandCentral Vault enables your team to easily access and find the content they need from a single place – with the simplicity of a Google-like search. This means calls for service, incident reports, video, radio traffic and everything else your agency captures or creates can be immediately reviewed when needed.

Our suite of cameras and software natively integrate with our platform to provide a seamless and secure upload of content but we go a step further to ensure you can completely break down your storage silos. 3rd party integrations and manual file uploading to the platform through CommandCentral Vault ensures everything you ever need to find can be stored together.

Digital Evidence Management

Quickly Understand Incident Context

Any content related to an incident is automatically correlated together into a case folder to allow for immediate review. Our unique algorithm analyzes metadata from content and associates it to your CAD/RMS incident reports in order to dynamically create the folder and minimize having to manually group content together. Based on the user, pertinent cases can be saved right at the top of the screen for easy access.

With our incident reconstruction capabilities, you can then visualize where content was captured to get a better understanding of how an incident unfolded. This way, detectives won’t miss valuable context that could make the difference in building a strong case.

Ensure More Successful Prosecutions

Digital Evidence ManagementEliminate manual redaction processes for protecting personally identifiable information within your video content. When reviewing a file, simply create a new redaction project and drag and drop a box over what you want to be redacted and let the system do the rest for you to save you precious administrative time.

Then, with just a click of a button, easily distribute digital case evidence with a complete audit log, to judicial partners or other agencies. Digital file sharing helps to avoid the physical burning of DVDs and the hard copy transfer of files which can waste a lot of time and predispose you to chain-of-custody concerns.