Camera-Sharing Program Helps Ensure Safer Communities

worker interacting with acigilion acc ppp platform

Our partners at Motorola Solutions have developed a new program that allows businesses to share security camera images with law enforcement in real time, so agencies can respond to incidents more quickly and accurately, and ensure safer outcomes.

The Avigilon™ Public-Private Partnership Packages leverage Avigilon Cloud Services, and give business owners the ability to:

  • Get real-time views of their business property
  • Record activities on the property to protect from frivolous claims
  • Opt in to give law-enforcement a real-time view in the event of a public safety incident
  • Allow law-enforcement easier access to recordings in the event of an investigation

Public-private partnership programs like this empower communities to take a more proactive role in public safety and help create an exchange of information and real-time intelligence that can keep both citizens and officers safer.

One such program, called Project Green Light, was established in Detroit, Michigan in 2016 with owners of eight city gas stations sharing their security camera images with local law enforcement. In its first year, incidents of violent crime dropped 48% at those eight original sites and 23% across all participating sites.

Not only can these programs lead to safer outcomes, BAYCOM Vice President of Sales Scott Johnson says they also help businesses and law enforcement develop stronger relationships.

“By giving law enforcement the ability to see exactly what members of the community see, these programs can help establish a strong foundation of trust between law enforcement and the local businesses they serve, and create a more collaborative community environment.”

Avigilon offers three Public-Private Partnership camera-sharing packages. To learn more about which one may be right for you, download this brochure, check out our website or call us at 800-726-5426.