Genetec Parking Solutions

Enforcing parking by following routine patrol routes and manually checking vehicles for physical permits and parking violations can have a negative impact on compliance rates, customer experiences, and organizational operations. To decrease violations, improve compliance, and enhance public safety, you need to implement a solution that automates license plate reading and identification.

Security Center AutoVu ALPR

Simplify parking enforcement and improve your overall operations using fixed and mobile ALPR cameras to identify violations and scofflaws on and off-street.

AutoVu Sharp Cameras

Use AutoVu SharpV stationary or AutoVu SharpX mobile cameras to capture plate numbers on moving vehicles or those parked in parallel, at 45° or 90°.

AutoVu Free-Flow

Keep track of off-street violations and lot occupancy in real-time to increase parking enforcement efficiency and compliance, and direct new vehicles to open spaces.

AutoVu Managed Services

Enhance and simplify parking enforcement by hosting your ALPR system in the cloud to eliminate installation and maintenance headaches.

AutoVu Pay-by-Plate Sync

Simplify parking enforcement and improve customer experience by moving to virtual permits with a complete pay-by-plate system.


Pack a complete, energy efficient ALPR system in a mobile case to easily patrol busy and narrow routes on a scooter.