PIPS Law Enforcement – Automatic
License Plate Recognition

Mobile ALPR Systems assist on-street patrol officers checking for criminal activity by capturing and analyzing license plates against known databases. This compact, rugged system has been IP67 certified and mounts securely below the lightbar for limited visual interference.

Mobile ALPR Camera(s) – Each System has 1 to 4 dual (IR and color) mobile cameras.

Mobile ALPR Processor – Each processor simultaneously supports up to 4 mobile cameras.

Brackets – A variety of camera mounting brackets for various vehicles and light-bar designs.

In-car software – PAGIS software provides the graphical user interface (GUI) and in-car application. It compares ALPR images against federal, local or customized hotlists and sends alert when a match occurs.

Mobile ALPR Camera (P634)

The PIPS TechnologyTM Mobile ALPR Camera is a dual camera that incorporates infrared illumination for effective license plate imaging and a color camera to provide a vehicle overview image. Using a proprietary technique, known internally as “Triple-flash” technology, this covert camera can effectively suppress ambient light such as headlights and bright sunlight. This helps to reduce the image quality differences caused by plate-to-plate quality variations.

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  • Dual camera sensors provide infrared license plate images and color vehicle overview images
  • Proprietary “Triple-Flash” technology
  • Compact, low-profile
  • 752 x 480 pixels in both IR and color lens
  • 60 fps (at full resolution)
  • Optimized focal distance of 9ft to 30ft

Mobile ALPR Processor SX4

The PIPS Mobile ALPR Processor SX4 simultaneously supports up to four dual (color and infrared) PIPS Mobile ALPR Cameras. With wireless communication, it was designed specifically for versatile law enforcement environments.

A solid-state drive and a nonvolatile BIOS configuration provide the PIPS Mobile ALPR Processor SX4 with long-term reliability in on-street operating conditions. In addition, an automated shut-down feature protects the Processor from damage due to a power surge.

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  • Intel® CoreTM i3 processor 3.7 Ghz 2 core, 4 thread 51W CPU Up to four cameras (P634) per processing unit
  • Compact and robust design for long term operation in versatile environments
  • Up to 4 high-resolution ALPR cameras on the same processing unit
  • Configurable wireless communication
  • Integrated GPS Unit
  • Improved BIOS operation to ensure continuous license plate reading in the event of battery failure