Your in-squad printer should make your job easier, not cause inconvenience or become an obstruction. That's why CAB Solutions LLC, a police officer owned and operated company, designed the CAB Solutions Brother Headrest Printer Mount with Adjustable UVHR Mounting Kit to replace bulky printer box alternatives that take up valuable space in your squad car. The CAB Solutions Brother Headrest Printer Mount design was built with public safety in mind and is easy to install in most vehicle models.

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   Cab Solutions printer box   Cab Solutions Printer Mount

All-in-one adjustable kit that fits easily into all patrol vehicles equipped with a removable headrest. The UVHR mount's adjustable fit means it can likely be used in your next squad car!

Padded cover design that opens and loads paper from the front. The cover tracks back to hold open when needed as well as locks securely in the closed position.

Access to the power button and clean paper ripping with a closed lid.

Clean exterior provides minimal hard edges or entanglements. Cables are fed through an underside access point with internal/external zip-tie hashing.

Compatible with Brother thermal printers.

Easy assembly and installation. Each kit comes with all of the parts needed for assembly.


BAYCOM is the master distributor for CAB Solutions LLC. As a total solutions provider, BAYCOM’s sales and service team can help you with everything from system planning to integration and installation. BAYCOM understands how all of your equipment works together and will be here to support you before and after the sale.