Service Agreements

Big or Small, Our Service Plans Give You Confidence and Make You Priority One!

Confidence that with regularly scheduled maintenance and priority service your systems will LAST LONGER and continue to perform in the TOUGHEST ENVIRONMENTS. Plus, you won’t ever have to worry about UNEXPECTED BILLS. 

With a customized Service Agreement from BAYCOM, SIZE DOESN’T MATTER. We build your plan to fit your systems AND your budget! Your Service Plan also gives you a top priority status, ensuring that those unexpected service calls reduce your downtime! 


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Extending Your Purchase Keeping Your Equipment in the Field Longer and Performing Better!

Protect Your Investment
Protect Your Investment
Give your equipment a longer life and keep it operating in peak condition with routine service and testing. This will ensure that you are creating a safer working environment for your workplace because you will never hesitate to have your equipment serviced.
Minimize Downtime
Minimize Downtime
Reduce time lost from equipment failure with priority service and routine maintenance. Our customers with service agreements always have first priority for unexpected service calls.
Unexpected Bill
No More Headaches
Never worry about an unexpected bill hitting your budget when unplanned service is needed and with our Inventory Assistance, our agreements provide detailed equipment lists that include model & serial information, location and much more! 

Customized Coverage Worry-Free Service Plans Built to Your Specific Needs.

We Cover It All
We Cover it All
  • Radio and Paging Systems
  • Console Systems
  • Wireless Broadband Networks
  • Video Systems
  • Mobile or Fixed Data Systems
  • 911 PSAP Dispatch
  • Accessories
What Is Covered
What Is Covered?
  • Internal Components
  • Parts And Labor
  • Annual Infrastructure Checks
  • Annual Preventative Maintenance
  • Battery
  • Analysis
  • 24/7 Support
  • Travel
iSquad Powered
BAYCOM's iSQUAD team is the largest, most experienced, in-house installation, service and IS team in the Midwest. Our iSQUAD division is built to install your communication systems, test those systems consistently for optimal functionality and maintain your systems so that you stay connected when it matters most!

When BAYCOM talks about being your TOTAL SOLUTIONS PROVIDER, we go the extra mile to make it a reality. When you partner with BAYCOM for your communication solutions, we provide you with the added security and knowledge that every system we design can be installed, optimized and maintained by our in-house, fully equipped and knowledgeable iSQUAD team.