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Emergency Callworks

Emergency Call Works by Motorola Solutions

Motorola’s Emergency CallWorks is a pioneer in technology innovation for the public safety sector as it transitions to NextGen 9-1-1 and beyond.

As the first and only natively integrated, browser-based, dispatch-centric technology in the industry, Emergency CallWorks provides a single platform that is ready to roll as your department transitions to NG911.

The system’s three modules are easy to implement with no unexpected conversion or replacement costs when you switch to NextGen.

  • Call Taking
  • Incident Management/Dispatch (CAD)
  • GIS

The Emergency CallWorks i3-compatible platform makes it easy for dispatchers to send the right responder to the correct location. The simpler workflow and user interface is designed to work the way you do today and tomorrow.

Contact us to learn how BAYCOM can help your agency implement the Motorola’s Emergency CallWorks platform.


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Features & Benefits

NextGen 9-1-1
IP design… browser-based user interface
i3 NG9-1-1 support
Integrated messaging
Phase II / VoIP support
Complete 9-1-1 call-to-dispatch reporting
Networked & Hosted
Networked and Hosted
Natively integrated three solutions into one platform
Eliminate complicated and on-going systems integration
Enterprise-class solution
Centrally hostable locally or in the cloud
High availability as a standard
Geo-diverse deployment option
Easy Access
Simple, Easy Implementation
Start with one module… Or, go with all three for a single, cost effective end-to-end solution.
Simple and easy to implement modules for Call Taking, CAD and GIS.
Quick integration with your existing systems.
No unexpected conversion or replacement costs when you switch to NextGen.

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