APX™ 7000XE Multi-Band P25 Portable Radio by Motorola Solutions

We've taken safety to the extreme with the APX™ 7000XE – our most advanced, rugged radio with innovative features designed by first responders for first responders in extreme environments.

Together we created an ergonomically superior radio that is easy to operate, with glove-friendly controls and a large top display, and significantly louder and clearer audio so that every word is heard. This mission critical multiband, multi-protocol radio is so seamless, you can be confident communications are interoperable. Focus on the task, not the technology, with a high-performance radio that stands out in the toughest conditions.


APX 7000XE Specifications Sheet


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APX 7000XE: Built for the Extreme

We developed a product specifically for firefighters – the Motorola APX 7000XE. Bruce Claxton, our Senior Director of Innovation Design, describes the extreme situations firefighters face, and how we try to understand these environments to build better products.

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APX 7000 Video Overview

Find out how this unique double-sided, multi-band, P25 radio was engineered. Motorola Vice President of Engineering Eric Brooks explains the research and design process.

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