New eVerge DMR Digital Two-Way Radios by Vertex Standard


eVerge digital two-way radios help customers evolve to better communication and do digital right the first time — getting the right radio with the right protocol and right performance — all at a better cost to connect without compromise. The new eVerge digital radio portfolio includes the EVX-530 series portable radios; EVX-5300 and EVX-5400 mobile radios and EVX-R70 repeater for a complete digital system. These new radios are designed to work with existing analog radios for easy conversion from analog to digital for added convenience. eVerge DMR digital radios are ideally suited for commercial and industrial customers who currently use basic land mobile radios for voice communications and could benefit from better audio quality, better coverage and more privacy without incurring higher equipment costs. eVerge represents taking action for growth and improvement — to do better. The name eVerge is comprised of the combination of two principles: evolve to change and emerge to be known.