Motorola Solutions announces first all-band, Wi-Fi-enabled APX Project 25 portable two-way radio


Green Bay, WI (3/18/2015) – Motorola Solutions (NYSE: MSI) unveiled its first all-band, Wi-Fi-enabled APX Project 25 (P25) portable radio at the International Wireless Communications Expo (IWCE) in Las Vegas. The APX 8000, which offers the clearest and loudest audio in the industry, features an adaptive audio engine and ultra-loud 1 Watt speaker to bring clarity to every conversation. The latest addition to the award-winning APX portfolio automatically adjusts its noise suppression, microphone boost and speaker equalization based on the user’s environment.
Equipping first responders with the APX 8000 advances the safety and efficiency of communities. First responders must be ready to communicate at a moment’s notice in any situation.  All band interoperability on the radios ensures constant, clear voice communication with colleagues from multiple agencies in neighboring counties who many using different bands and systems. APX 8000 ASTRO 25 radios will be able to receive code plug updates in seconds rather than needing preplanned time out of the field. 


  • The APX 8000 is Motorola Solutions’ first all-band P25 portable radio featuring integrated Wi-Fi for more efficient radio management allowing the radio to receive new settings (codeplug), firmware, and feature updates over the air in seconds, while the user continues to talk without interruption. The radio will automatically access pre-provisioned Wi-Fi networks at secure locations and download pending updates approximately 30,000 times faster than P25 data rates. This means a faster deployment of new radios and critical radio updates, with fewer radios pulled out of service for maintenance.
  • The new adaptive audio engine builds on the adaptive dual-sided operation featured in every APX portable radio, but enhances the experience by providing simpler audio management for radio programmers and better speech clarity for end users. Although the APX 8000 retains its ability to be fully customized, the adaptive audio engine will automatically adjust the audio quality algorithm on-the-fly in order to cancel out background noise and wind as it varies within user’s environment. This added intelligence means that APX 8000 radio users will be able to hear and be heard more clearly.
  • The all-band access allows APX 8000 public safety customers to communicate across borders and between systems using a single device that operates in analog and digital P25 mode, conventional or trunked systems, SmartNet and SmartZone legacy systems and across 700/800MHz, VHF and UHF bands.
  • Interoperability improves response times and collaboration between agencies and responders during planned and unplanned events so APX 8000 users will no longer need multiple radios to access each particular system. Agencies won’t need to issue new radios when deploying officers to a new region.
  • The APX8000 collaborates with other devices, specifically the Motorola Solutions LEX L10 Mission Critical LTE Handheld via mission-critical Bluetooth. The LEX L10 can remotely control the radio so users can monitor and control information such as radio signal strength, battery life, zone, channel and volume without unholstering their radio.
  • The APX 8000 continues Motorola Solutions’ tradition of ruggedness and reliability. It features the aluminum alloy endoskeleton that protects the radio’s interior from water intrusion even if the outer housing is breached. A thick tempered glass protects the radio’s color display from scratches, impact and pressure. A dual-latch battery design protects the radio from resetting, powering off or ejecting the battery upon impact from drops.

Ron Derderian, Special Projects Officer, Beverly Hills Police Department, Beverly Hills, California
“In the areas surrounding Beverly Hills, first responders from different agencies are currently operating on every public safety frequency band available since we do not have a common radio system. An all-band radio means that we will have enhanced interoperability and mutual aide capabilities. We can now eliminate cross-band patches and give our officers a single, compact radio that’s easy to use and carry and integrated Wi-Fi would help keep officers on patrol instead of incurring downtime at the radio shop.”
Claudia Rodriguez, vice president, Devices Product Management, Motorola Solutions

“Motorola Solutions’ APX portfolio of mission-critical communication solutions continues to grow to meet the ever-increasing needs of our public safety customers. With the introduction of the APX 8000, Motorola Solutions’ first all-band radio, users can rely on its interoperability and clear voice communications to stay connected when it matters most. From best-in-class audio and industry-leading ergonomics to advanced features, the APX 8000 allows first responders to focus on the task at hand, not the technology.”

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