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Arbitrator 360º HD & Arbitrator BWC by Panasonic

Capture Evidence Everywhere

In an era when video evidence is as important for public relations as it is for legal proceedings, law enforcement agencies are turning to BAYCOM’s certified team to outfit its vehicles with the Panasonic Arbitrator 360°™ HD in-car digital video recording system and officers with the Panasonic Arbitrator® BWC (Body-Worn Camera).

This highly tested equipment includes updated features based on officers’ feedback, and features a variety of mounting and secondary camera options. With unified video evidence capture, your officers will carry the confidence of a truly comprehensive solution for a full 360-degree view and maximum coverage.

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Features & Benefits

Officer Safety
Officer Safety Assurance
Allows for implementation of policies that save lives and ensure adherence to SOPs
Prosecution Accuracy
Prosecution Accuracy
Increase your conviction rate with clear, conclusive video evidence
Incident Review and Report Writing
Incident Review and Report Writing
Rapidly and reliably review incidents in the field with report accuracy assurance.
Community Relations
Community & Media Relations
Illustrate the reality of your policing approach and combat unfair perceptions with in-car video
Quality and Reliability
Panasonic manufacturing and quality inspections enable the Arbitrator 360° HD system to achieve industry-leading performance with one of the lowest annual failure rates
Training Resource
Training Resource
Leverage video to train officers in handling specific scenarios and improve processes

BAYCOM has been awarded the Panasonic Arbitrator Wisconsin State Contract every year for more than a decade. Helping law enforcement agencies and other public entities keep our communities safe and connected is a responsibility we take very seriously.

Support Articles

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Panasonic Arbitrator 360º HD Overview

Panasonic’s Stacy Austin provides an in-depth look at the Arbitrator 360°™ HD rugged mobile digital video evidence capture and recording system.

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Panasonic Arbitrator BWC Overview

Panasonic’s next generation Arbitrator BWC (body-worn camera) and enhanced Unified Evidence Management System has been designed and built based on direct feedback from law enforcement organizations across the country.

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