Baycom Introduces The Next Generation High Definition Panasonic Arbitrator 360°Hd Mobile Video Evidence Capture And Recording System


High definition in-car video evidence capture and recording with 1080p Full HD resolution for improved officer safety and overall situational awareness.

Green Bay, WI (November 14, 2013) – Baycom Inc, the leading provider of voice, video and data solutions, introduces the next generation in mobile video evidence capture and management, the Panasonic Arbitrator 360°™HD. Recording in 1080p Full HD resolution and delivering the industry’s highest quality video, the Arbitrator 360°HD provides emergency responders with unmatched image clarity for critical evidence capture. As an authorized Panasonic evidence capture reseller, Baycom will be immediately offering and deploying the Arbitrator 360°HD throughout the Midwest.

The Arbitrator 360° HD exceeds current industry expectations whether an officer is viewing license plate numbers in near complete darkness or documenting suspect activity from hundreds of yards away. The Arbitrator 360°HD delivers the trusted mobile digital video evidence law enforcement and other public safety agencies require for improved officer safety, better outcomes in the courtroom and trusted community relationships.

Video Evidence in 1080p Full HD Resolution

The Arbitrator 360°HD system supports recording of up to five HD cameras simultaneously to provide a full 360° view in and around an emergency response vehicle. Its 1080p Full HD front camera captures a 65-degree field of view and boasts a 30X optical zoom and 12X digital zoom creating a 360X zoom capability. The Arbitrator 360°HD is designed to support remote streaming and control capabilities. The solution allows real-time support from headquarters or a mobile command center. The Arbitrator 360°HD also sets a new standard for operation in low-light conditions with the ability to capture images in near complete darkness. It uses Panasonic’s new CMOS Sensor that improves clarity of difficult images such as license plates in low-light conditions.

Side and rear view cameras provide 720p high-definition resolution, 150-degree horizontal fields of view and 93-degree vertical fields of view to bring full 360 degree situational awareness. A new officer-worn microphone provides nearly one mile of audio recording range utilizing a 900 Mhz frequency, and allows an officer to control any connected 12-volt device in the vehicle with a new auxiliary control feature.

The system’s Video Processing Unit supports up to two 512 GB solid state drives and provides full Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) to attached IP cameras. The system is equipped with a tamper-resistant key lock, ensuring evidence integrity for prosecution. Recording can be activated based on predefined triggers such as the use of the vehicle’s siren, crash detection or other devices. Built to survive the demands of the mobile environment, the Arbitrator 360°HD system is MIL-STD-810G tested for resistance to shock, vibration, and other harsh conditions.

Complete Solution for Digital Evidence Capture, Transfer and Management

The Arbitrator 360°HD system integrates video capture, storage, transfer, and file management to serve as a complete digital evidence solution. The system includes Panasonic’s SafeServ™ Evidence Management Software Suite, which provides secure evidence management with a built-in case file management system. It also includes the ability to ingest an expanded range of digital evidence including still images, IP surveillance video footage and automatic import of video from Panasonic’s WV-TW310 wearable camera systems. The SafeServ suite can be configured to fit an agency’s specific chain of custody requirements for recall, retention and dissemination. Backward-compatibility with previous Panasonic Arbitrator models helps to protect customers’ existing investments.

“Panasonic Arbitrator 360° is the trusted in-car video system to over 130 law enforcement agencies across the Midwest. The system has proven its value countless times in helping officers capture video evidence that is vital to investigations and prosecutions,” said Tim Cooney, Baycom Product Manager for the Panasonic product lines. “The upgrade to 1080p Full HD quality and additional functionalities will only serve to make this system an even more important tool for departments.”

“As one of the world’s leading developers of video technology, Panasonic is in a unique position to leverage advancements in our line of surveillance cameras toward improving evidence capture for first responders,” said Greg Peratt, Senior Director, Video Solutions Integration Team, Panasonic System Communications Corporation of North America. “The Arbitrator 360°HD system provides agencies with a platform to record evidence in unmatched clarity and quality while ensuring the integrity of the chain of custody and delivering significant time and cost savings in the acquisition, management and review of recorded evidence.”

Service and Support

Baycom has held the Wisconsin state contract for Panasonic Toughbook products and services since 2002. As a total solutions provider, Baycom specializes in everything from system planning to integration and installation for its public safety and commercial customers. Baycom’s iSQUAD team has over 30 highly-trained service, installation and IT professionals with nine Arbitrator Certified Installers on staff. To date, Baycom has installed and deployed the Arbitrator in-car video system to over 130 agencies.

Baycom is a Panasonic Authorized Gold Partner and holds awards for its continual success and commitment to customers with “Reseller of the Year” honors and election into the “Panasonic Reseller Hall of Fame.”

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