Genetec Law Enforcement

Community policing requires cooperation among police, citizens, and decision-makers in order to forge public-private partnerships that combat criminal activity. By making better use of data and technology to increase transparency and break down informational barriers between law enforcement and citizens, communities can collaborate to identify needs and establish best practices to maintain public safety.

Coordinate Response

Work with a decision support system to address the emerging need for increased connectivity between the security and tactical systems of multiple agencies as well as for timely and correlated information. Learn more about Genetec Citigraf™

Break Down Silos

Increase the effectiveness of your investigative processes in a cost-effective manner with a solution that facilitates collaboration between security departments, outside agencies, and the public. Learn more about Genetec Clearance™.

Reduce Traffic Headaches

Improve monitoring and decision-making with a solution that helps law enforcement and commercial and municipal organizations optimize traffic flow and identify vehicles of interest. Learn more about Security Center AutoVu™.

Build Safer Communities

Facilitate public-private collaboration with a framework that reinforces community policing and allows law enforcement, citizens, and decision-makers to work together to achieve public safety, economic growth, and operational efficiency. Learn more about Community Connect™.

The Whole City at a Glance

Build a complete operating picture that provides public safety agencies with enhanced situational awareness, collaborative command and control, and cloud connectivity. Learn more about Genetec Security Center.

Support Advanced reparation

Help public safety agencies define response strategies and contingency plans in advance by creating unique incident categories and automatic system responses with a powerful collaborative decision management system. Learn more about Genetec Mission Control™.