si500 Body-Worn Cameras by Motorola Solutions for Public Safety

The Si500 Video Speaker Microphone combines a police body camera with a high-quality radio speaker-microphone and touchscreen interface, for intuitive capture, storage and management of video, audio and image evidence.
Unlike typical body-worn cameras, the Si500 combines video and still image recording, voice communications and voice capture, emergency alerting, content viewing and radio integration into a single package. Sleek, rugged and feature-rich, Si500 is paving the way for convergence by reducing the number of the devices first responders wear in the field today.

Capturing, storing and properly managing video evidence has never been more important for law enforcement agencies. The Digital Evidence Management Solution (DEMS) combines the capture capabilities of the Si500 VSM with the sophisticated content management and storage facilities of CommandCentral Vault into one unbroken chain of custody, from the street to the courtroom.

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