BAYCOM Case Studies

Green Bay Police Expands Citywide Security Surveillance Network

The Green Bay Police Department wanted to increase security at the Port
of Green Bay, as well as throughout the city, through an expandable video surveillance system that would enable them to easily deploy additional cameras as the need arose and funding became available.
"From increased security at the Port to managing the crowds at our downtown festivals to keeping an eye on the bridges, we were looking for a cost effective solution that would provide full coverage"
Lietentant Paul Ebel
Green Bay Police

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The City Of Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, Opens Up A World Of Possibilities With Wireless Broadband Connectivity

Every city wants the best for its employees and its citizens, but shrinking budgets and economic turmoil have made that hard to deliver. The City of Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, didn’t let that stop it. It realized that if it wanted to create a foundation for services and applications, for everything from the water department to city hall, it needed a robust reliable and secure network infrastructure.

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