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Motorola Solutions for Public Safety, featuring APX™ Series P25 Product Lines.

On any given day, every moment matters to someone, somewhere.

And every moment, Motorola Solutions' innovations, products, and services play essential roles in people's lives. 

BAYCOM is certified to install and maintain P25 radio and dispatch console systems, providing rugged and dependable equipment that ensures safety and efficiency when it’s needed most. Public safety and government entities have trusted BAYCOM for sales and service of Motorola’s extensive portfolio of two-way communications technology for more than 60 years.

As a Premier Service Partner with Motorola, BAYCOM offers customers access to one of the highest-trained, most competent support teams in the USA. We also are an Empower Circle Award recipient, meaning Motorola has recognized us as one of its top-100 radio channel partners in the world.

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Support Articles

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APX 8000 Video Overview

Take command with a 4-in-1 radio that offers limitless interoperability, the clearest, loudest audio and seamless Wi-Fi connectivity. The compact, rugged and secure APX 8000 redefines mission critical communications.

Narrowbanding – What is it?

At the end of 2003, the FCC issued a mandate for the conversion of the VHF (high-band) and UHF bands to narrowband channels.

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APX 6000 Radio Overview

You told us your stories, we listened: the tools that first responders use are critical. Public Safety users tell us they need a small compact radio that they count on when lives are on the line.

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APX 7000 Video Overview

Find out how this unique double-sided, multi-band, P25 radio was engineered. Motorola Vice President of Engineering Eric Brooks explains the research and design process.

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APX 7000 Portable Radio Experience Zone

Years of working directly with firefighters, police, and EMS helped us build a new P25 Mission Critical radio, the APX 7000. Step inside the APX 7000 Experience Zone to see how this radio is “changing the game.”

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