We all know how important it is to provide our customers with cutting edge, effective communication solutions, because if we can't offer them what they need, they'll find it elsewhere. That's why we encourage you to learn how TRBOnet can enhance your dispatch customers' two-way communication system. 

TRBOnet is a professional grade software application, developed specifically for the MOTOTRBO two-way radio system. This all-in-one dispatch and GPS solution gives dispatch centers the ability to monitor and record audio, data and the location of their assets.  

This software features so many benefits, you just have to see it in action in order to truly understand the value that TRBOnet provides. Contact us at motorola@baycominc.com to set up a webinar demonstration for the TRBOnet software and learn how it can help your customers get the most out of their MOTOTRBO radio system. 
  • Single MOTOTRBO repeaters in digital mode and IPSC enabled
  • IP SITE CONNECT system
  • Capacity Plus (RX only. TX still requires control stations)
Version 1.8
  • Voice Recording for IPSC and CapacityPlus
  • Export recordings to Wav file
  • Real-time audio on slot
  • Site Survey / RSSI Map: map resolution changed
  • Site Survey / RSSI Map: ability to see every single GPS package on a map as a dot
  • Updated User Manual

Version 1.7
  • Repeater Control Messages - shows repeater service messages (Start/Stop TX, interference, etc)
  • Live Monitor update: Slot View for IP Site Connect
  • Aliasing: peers, groups, radios
  • Event Log Report: shows all system messages from repeaters
  • Event Log Calendar (Beta)

Version 1.0 - 1.5
  • Monitoring and Diagnostic of Digital channels
  • Capacity Plus System Topology
  • IP Site Connect System Topology
  • Repeaters Diagnostic and Control
  • Analytics Module
  • Site Survey / RF Quality Control Map
  • Reports
  • Online Repeater Alarm Control
  • Email Notification
  • Basic / Enhanced Privacy Support
  • Enhanced GPS Support
First Glance at TRBOnet Watch
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TRBOnet Watch Overview
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